The gift of sight is an absolute right that has been taken from over 5 Billion people unable to afford glasses because they only make $1 a day.A purposefully created attack on humanity targeting vision is an act of war that we have chosen to dedicate our lives to correct the violation for those that are not yet aware of their true power.We are the solution. We are here to correct the violation of vision. This is our mission.​


We seek to change the world by gifting sight to everyone to clearly see light, out of the darkness. ​


We empower our Certified Sight Giver’s (CSG’s) to be financially free from a corrupt system using our products to gain independence and self reliance. It is essential every CSG aligns with our mission, vision, values and purpose. They must understand that we do not sell glasses. We create VISION and make it available to everyone regardless of their financial circumstances. ​


Our purpose at i-FocusXperience is based on a promise our founder, inventor & entrepreneur, Santana Nottage has made to dedicate his life to humanity.

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