Remember when Uber demoralised the Trillion-Dollar taxi industry by having regular people use their private vehicles to transport people cheaper and more effectively? Airbnb did the same thing to the Multi-Trillion Dollar hotel and accommodation industry.

The team at i-FocusXperience are disrupting the Multi-Trillion dollar eyewear industry in a big way. Prescription glasses are a product dominated by 2 multi-national organisations and we're shaking this tree.​The role of the CSG (Certified Sight Giver) is one that will create independence and self-reliance for anyone sick of the traditional system of going to school, earning a degree, getting a job, buying a house and working for 40yrs to then be able to retire. Covid-19 saw more than 20.6 million jobs lost since mid-March, resulting in an unemployment rate of 14.7%, a level not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Watch the video below if you're looking for an opportunity to join us. By becoming certified & trained by our founder/inventor Santana Nottage, you will solidify your place in part of the biggest transference of wealth in history. We've realised that there are levels to this and not everyone has the make-up to take on the financial risks of being an entrepreneur.

We have come up with a franchise-style strategy
that will enable those able to start off on a higher level, while those more risk averse can pay just for shipping and get started with minimal risk, building their income from the ground up.​Don't look at what we are doing as selling glasses. We are all here and making a change to create vision to those who haven't traditionally been able to afford prescription glasses and so need our help.​



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to see what our structure and future looks like and if you align with our vision get onboard.​

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