What is i-FocusXperience?

i-FocusXperience is a company determined to change the world by gifting sight using a technology that has been presented but ignored by those whose only agenda is to make money from the middle class and neglect those not in a financial position to afford the $100's it normally costs for prescription eyewear.

What is the Arielizen Process?

The rotating and aligning of 2 or more lenses by hand, until the required prescription is on axis, thus refracting light required by an individuals eyes and enable the interpretation of light correctly.

How much is a pair of i-Focus glasses?

If you have a current script, you can purchase a pair of IFXP glasses for just $25USD + shipping. ANY Prescription, ANY strength. Thats less than the cost of monthly premiums for vision insurance. You can also contact us to check if we have a CSG in your area.

Can I buy frames alone and how much do they cost?

You can purchase from our online shop for $10+ Shipping or from one of our CSGs directly. If you need lenses and/or inserts to change the look of your frames, it will cost you an additional $15. 

What is a CSG and what do they do?

Certified Sight Giver's are certified by our founder Santana Nottage and can cater to your sight requirements, correct your vision using our patented Arielizen process, and if no issues, pick your frame and receive your glasses about 5 minutes later.

Do you have physical stores where I can purchase?

The great thing about our program is we have CSG's who operate from home and offer mobile onsite services. They have the capacity to setup store anywhere in the world and sell their products. We also have EDCSG's who are professional eye doctors and some opt to keep their traditional brick and mortar store for their current clientele. 

How does the business side work and is this MLM?

Our CSG's are independent business owners who pay a small fee to get certified then direct market to their local communities. Although similar to Multi-Level Marketing, this is not an MLM business. All CSGs are responsible for their own success or failure and don't make money off anyone they introduce. The biggest difference is that the company doesn't make any % of profit off of our CSGs margins.

Do your lenses fit other brand frames?

No. The Arielizen process requires the lenses be turned to the correct position then snapped into place creating the  prescription perfectly. We've worked to accomodate everyone with our designs. We're confident you'll find one or 2 that you'll love for a fraction of the cost of prescription glasses from your local optometrist.

How and why isn't this process used worldwide?

Our founder Santana Nottage tried to give this technology away to the world leaders and they laughed at him. This is all about money and targeting the the middle class while the lower suffer with poor (pun intended) vision. Please check out our mission video here for more clarity.

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